The Twilight series: A New Moon with old trends

I wouldn’t describe my feelings for the Twilight saga as “love” or even “like,” but more along the lines of “obsessed.” When I read the four books in the Twilight series, along with millions of teenage girls, I was engrossed in a world where one could go to school with vampires and be best friends… Continue Reading →

Candy Apple Books Miss the Mark

The Candy Apple children’s book series has titles like How to be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days, Miss Popularity, and The Boy Next Door. In combination with these titles, the books’ hot pink covers and cutesy cartoon images draw in young readers. Candy Apple books are developed on the theory that clothes, makeup,… Continue Reading →

Distorted: A Book Review

Recently we came across an honest, enlightening account of a mother and daughter’s experience with eating disorders, and we thought you should know about it. Distorted, a book by Lorri Antosz Benson and her daughter Taryn Leigh Benson, chronicles the experiences they respectively shared while Taryn was battling eating disorders as a teenager. Distorted is… Continue Reading →

A cautionary tale: growing up under the knife

“Mommy, does plastic surgery make you look like a different person?” “No, it just makes you look more beautiful than you used to be.” From my seat next to her, both of us facing the Starbucks storefront, I balked. Her reflection gave her away: tall, thin, with a tightly drawn face and deep-set eyes.

Bitch, please.

The Devil Wears Prada meets a drill sergeant in this best-selling diet book, Skinny Bitch. Does that recipe sound unappealing to you, too?