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I cringe every time a woman is called a “girl”

We hear it all the time in TV and movies: Women being called “girls”. Someone saying, “Hey, you should meet this girl” while referring to someone in their 30s, or, “The girls are here” about women in their late 20s.  It’s happening so often that it’s even put in the titles of TV shows without… Continue Reading →

Powerful Pantene commercial sheds light on sexist labels

“Don’t let labels hold you back.” This is the slogan of a new Pantene campaign that encourages women to disregard negative sexist stereotypes and live their lives with confidence — and, if you’d prefer, awesome hair. However, “Be Strong and Shine” is no longer just an ode to Pantene hair products. The message is powerfully… Continue Reading →

Former Survivor Contestant Turns Body Image Activist

There are numerous ways to have an impact on how the media represents women. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to turn. If you’re like me, you have days when you want to take a baseball bat to your TV, shred every fashion magazine in the supermarket, and go on a spray-painting rampage to… Continue Reading →

Call for About-Face bloggers!

About-Face is on the hunt for smart, sassy, talented bloggers to join our team. If you’re a skilled, passionate writer dedicated to helping young women understand the media’s effects on their body image and self-esteem, we want to hear from you! What we’re looking for in a regular contributor: Commitment: We ask that our bloggers… Continue Reading →

Born This Great: Mission accomplished!

After weeks of preparation, the “Born This Great” action came to fruition! [youtube][/youtube] On Saturday at 10 am, the six girls met at the About-Face office, nervous but excited to go out on the streets and make people think about body image and advertising (we missed you, Amy!). After going over the logistics of the… Continue Reading →