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Betty White to manly man: “That’s not what your girlfriend said!”

SNICKERS COMMERCIAL. Let’s not even discuss how weird it is that this commercial is apparently suggesting that a Snickers bar is going to get you up and running and ready to play some tackle football with your manly man friends. Because that’s weird. Let’s instead talk about the light of my life BETTY WHITE.


She gets knocked down and her teammates begin to yell at her: MIKE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU’RE PLAYING LIKE BETTY WHITE OUT THERE.

And her response: “That’s not what your girlfriend said.”


Anyway, some kind girl (Mike’s girlfriend?) brings Betty White a Snickers bar and after a bite he transforms back into his reasonably attractive self and gets out there to play some football and assert himself as a real man.

Let’s be real: Betty White is fierce. So fierce that I don’t even care how absurd this commercial is or how much it doesn’t even make a little bit of sense.

So excited to see her on TV!

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