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Beat the Beauty Blues

By April 17, 2009 6 Comments
<i>W</i>, Cover April 2009

W, Cover April 2009

While I often feel “above” the media’s messages, the truth is that I’m only human. And while knowledge is power, this power doesn’t always grant me immunity to the media’s toxicity.

One of my many personal vices is my unwavering devotion to W magazine, which I’ve read since I was the all-too-young age of twelve. Once the magazine was in our possession, my sister and I would lay it flat on the living room floor and drool over all the colors and patterns until our eyes crossed.

Little did we know that these images would impact the way we viewed our own beauty–indefinitely.

To this day, I still squeal with delight every month when my W comes in the mail. Consequently, I still battle the inevitable self-doubt and borderline self-loathing that comes after two hours of staring at heroine chic models in $45,000 mini dresses and heels that threaten to break my ankles just looking at them.

Sometimes I have to take action against these insecurities, lest I sulk myself down to “unpretty” levels (yes…I’ve been listening to a lot of the group TLC lately). Here are some ways I counterbalance my media-induced funk, and my advice to you as well:

  • Step outside of your head…and home: Pull up a chair outside your favorite coffee shop and just watch the passers-by. Make note of how many variations of pretty walk past – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Walk it off: Set your headphones to your most empowering tunes and take a stroll. The physical activity alone will raise your endorphin levels while the music provides some much-needed catharsis.
  • Re-pretty-fy: If you’re a girlie-girl, get a little dolled up, meet up with some good friends and let their love and appreciation remind you of your beauty, both inside and out.

Each of these activities is a quick and easy way to remember what real-life beauty can consist of. What do you do to remind yourself of your beauty and worth? The About-Face community looks forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences, so please, share away!


Corinne Avganim is a freelance events and public relations manager with a passion for child and community development. Having grown up in the “Heart of Screenland” (Los Angeles), she immediately recognized the necessity of the About-Face mission and is honored to have joined such a dedicated team of beauty revolutionaries.