Artist adbusts subway billboard, commuters everywhere cheer.

photoshop billboard
Photoshopped billboard

By now, we’re used to hearing that the ads we see every day are somehow digitally altered. Unfortunately, that’s not always our first reaction to the barrage of taut thighs and doe eyes. Kudos to a Berlin culture jammer for explicitly (and creatively!) reminding us of the Photoshopping of subway billboards. This person has been adding stickers of Photoshop windows to the original ads to demonstrate that we are looking at the product of hours of retouching. Check out some examples here.

So what do you make of it? Would seeing this on your morning commute make you stop and think? Personally, I think it’s a great idea, and a good way of interrupting the images we tend to simply accept.

Given an advertisement and a blind eye from the authorities, what would you do?


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