Our Summer 2020 programs were a big success!

Here’s what we did this summer and how we’re helping teen girls* learn media literacy skills, become fierce young activists, and shore up their mental health at the same time.

Our mission to serve youth will not be foiled by a pandemic! About-Face programs have not slowed down, and we are elated to continue offering support and programs to our youth during the COVID quarantine. Look at what we’ve been up to!

Youth speak up

Interns like Grace and Aoife, and 2019 program participant Andrea (talking here with Hénia, our Director of Programs) took to Instagram Live to talk about their views about a variety of crucial topics, like consent, body positivity, and LGBTQIA+ representation in media.

Girls* Change-Making Task Force with the Redwood City Public Library

All the girls* in our Girls* Change-Making Task Force, via video of course.

In July, we partnered with the Redwood City Public Library to host the Girls* Change-Making Task Force.

These girls learned about media and then turned that education into action by creating media that educates and empowers others. Here are some of their final projects!

by Briana, Melissa, Naiya, and Navah

We even have a special Instagram account, @girlsproject180, to showcase the work of the girls in this program. Make sure to check it out!

Big thanks to the mentors of this group: Sima, Jaz, and Hannah, with help from intern Aoife, too!

denim blue background with a patch saying Girls* Change-Making Task Force

Girls* In Action podcast, episode 1 (by Briana, Melissa, Naiya, and Navah)

Girls* In Action podcast, episode 2 (by Briana, Melissa, Naiya, and Navah)


We had 16 participants in this program. After the program:

94% agreed with the statement “I know how to look at media content and media production critically.”

88% agreed with the statement “I understand how what media is telling us is connected to how we think of ourselves personally, interpersonally, and on a systemic level.”

88% agreed with the statement “I can create empowering media to speak up for a cause.”

88% agreed with the statement “I feel better about myself.”

88% agreed with the statement “I can see my own beauty more clearly.”

What was the most important skill or topic you learned about?

Just being conscious was a big deal. I am much more aware of everything around me; ads, shows, magazines, posts… it’s everywhere.  There is a lot of work and awareness that needs attention.

— Girls* Change-Making Task Force participant, age 13

I really loved learning about the pillars needed to create an empowering and successful media campaign because it inspired me to continue my journey with allyship and activism. Before, I knew I wanted to make an impact, and now, I’m equipped with the tools I need!

— Girls* Change-Making Task Force participant, age 15

And then, a partnership with the Oasis for Girls RISE program!

Our Director of Programs taught the girls in the RISE program a one-week class about media narratives and activism! Come back soon to find out more.

* About-Face welcomes and includes gender-expansive youth. To us, “girls” means self-identified girls, trans girls, gender-expansive youth, gender non-conforming, and non-binary youth.

See more about our programs and find out how to go to one right here.