It’s time for the next generation of thinkers and activists to find their voices.

It’s time for About-Face Education Into Action Boot Camp!

Two parts: Saturday May 11 and Saturday May 18, 2019
10am-4pm each day
Impact Hub San Francisco
For girls* ages 13-18

The About-Face Education Into Action Boot Camp takes media literacy to a new level, provoking new thoughts social media, providing tons of knowledge about taking action on social issues — and adding time to practice it. Teen girls* will walk away with a new sense of their power and an experience of activism they’ll never forget.

“About-Face gave me tools to analyze media and make peace with my appearance so that I could focus on my other passions, like political engagement and community service… [In college, I was] still involved in social justice concerns around mental health and media literacy… About-Face helped me find my voice.”

— Haley, now 24 years old, and a paralegal in the U.S. Attorney General’s office in New York

Over 2 Saturdays, girls* will dive into:

  • media/culture’s effects on who they’re “supposed to be”, including appearance, behavior, and identity messages
  • how social media shapes our thoughts and behavior
  • a history of direct action and its effectiveness
  • how social media can be powerful in making change
  • craft their own, girl*-led action event on issues most important to them
  • lead the action event in person and online, with the supervision of About-Face staff

This program will expand girls’ learning beyond the typical media-literacy program at school. Then it will provide hands-on learning that will help them be ready to take action about the next issues they’re passionate about.

“I think my definition of what beauty is, and what I think women should be, is way different than if I wouldn’t have had the experience with About-Face. Having an adult deconstruct some of the messages we can’t escape was vital. Especially at that age. I mean, I was 15! That’s an age where as young girl, you’re extremely vulnerable, and how often are we validated for the way we are right now?”

— Gabby, now age 25, now earning her Master’s in Urban and Public Affairs

This Boot Camp is for girls* who want:

  • an outlet for self-expression
  • a girl-only space to learn and talk about media-related issues
  • a little help to “break out of her shell” 
  • to start or keep believing they’re great the way they are, not listening to what media or our culture says
  • experience in fighting for social change and social justice in authentic ways

… and for parents who want their girls*:

  • to learn how to stand up for themselves and take action productively, effectively, and safely
  • to respect themselves and others online and in real life
  • to be less worried about what other people think
  • to internalize the messages parents try to instill about being girls being wonderfully themselves
  • to learn how to stop internalizing cultural messages about being a girl
  • to have exposure to those who have different backgrounds from them 
  • to get a solid grounding in social-justice issues and how activism works
  • to participate in taking action themselves
  • to feel true self-worth

“One of the biggest lessons I learned at About-Face was the importance of diversity. Our group was extremely diverse, which was great because that means diversity of thought. So we were all able to give our input and really teach and learn from each other.”

—Daija, now 24 years old, who helped lead a sit-in at her university to improve housing and now works at NetApp

Who It’s For

Girls* ages 13-18

* Cisgender, trans, and self-identified girls; and non-binary youth who identify with the issues we address are all welcome.

Our space is size-inclusive, and inclusive of a range of physical abilities (including wheelchair users). We are able to accommodate vegans/vegetarians, allergies, or intolerances.

Who We Are

About-Face was invented here in the Bay Area and became a nonprofit in 2008. We free girls from the confines of a toxic culture so they can fulfill their potential. To do that, we arm self-identified girls with the knowledge and tools they need to fight back against media and culture that degrades, disempowers, and diminishes them.

We’ve been leading interactive media-literacy workshops since 2007, reaching nearly 8,000 youth in more than 150 schools and communities, with an emphasis on the needs of girls and young women.  

Over the last 10 years, we’ve guided teen girls and young women to lead more than 20 successful, safe actions.

Our participants have come back years later and tell us that their About-Face program changed how they think, and the course of their lives.

The Facilitators

Our adult, female staff will facilitate the About-Face Boot Camp. 

Hénia Belalia, Director of Programs, will be the main facilitator for this Boot Camp. She is an educator, and a climate and social justice organizer. Hénia has engaged with youth as an after-school coordinator, summer camp counselor, community organizer, educator, paraprofessional, and theater director. She has worked within communities on issues of climate, racial, and social justice. Hénia ran a fundraising office for Greenpeace before becoming the Executive Director of Peaceful Uprising. 

Jennifer Berger, Executive Director, has been dedicated to teen girls’ activism and media literacy for nearly 20 years with About-Face and other organizations. She developed and led About-Face’s early action groups. Before committing full-time to these issues, she was a high-level editor at Bay Area tech magazines and websites.

Fees and Registration

  • Register online by May 1
  • $175 per registrant, or pay what you can
  • 50% payment ($87.50) due upon registration, full payment due May 8
  • Discount of $50 each if registering for more than one participant
  • Fees include 12 hours of learning and lunch and snacks on both days
  • To inquire about the “pay what you can” and multiple-registrant options, email us.

Refund Policy

  • Cancel by May 1 for 100% refund
  • Cancel between May 2-8 for 50% refund
  • Cancel between May 9-11, no refund

Do you have questions? Contact Hénia Belalia, Director of Programs, via email or by phone at (510) 764-3618.