Get educated about media literacy for teen girls*, their mental health, and social justice with these upcoming About-Face events!

Screenshot of a video presentation. About-Face's logo and the title "Leadership and Vision" are in the foreground. A screen of Executive Director Jennifer Berger is in the background.

Introduction to About-Face: Decode the Media

Thursday, September 10, 2020, from 12:30-1:30 pm PDT via Zoom

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or just someone who cares about teen girls, we invite you to join us online to get the About-Face basics. You’ll learn the skills we teach teen girls* so they can think for themselves, and the positive impact it has made for them. On hand will be our Executive Director, our Director of Programs, and a special guest who’s a former About-Face program participant.

This is a one-hour long, free, informational gathering. (No donations will be solicited.) Some portions will be interactive, but eating your lunch or walking around your space during the call is also welcome! We will ask for your feedback after the meeting. Feel free to invite anyone in your circles who may be interested. Age 12 and up, please. 

More dates (click to register): Thursdays: September 24, October 8.

* About-Face welcomes and includes gender-expansive youth. To us, “girls” means self-identified girls, trans girls, gender-expansive youth, gender non-conforming, and non-binary youth.