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About-Face Updates!

Hey y’all! We here at About-Face have some exciting news!

First of all, we’ve fixed our comments! If you tried to comment on recent entries and found yourself being asked to log in or register, don’t worry, we’ve gotten rid of that ridiculous rule. If there’s anything you wanted to say but couldn’t, now’s the time!

Second, come hang out with us this Sunday! Author and activist Marilyn Wann is going to be hosting a Yay Scale event at the San Francisco Ferry Building, and we’re going to be there to help her out and show support. Meet us at the front entrance at 11:30 am to group up, gear up, and put a positive spin on our culture’s obsession with scales! When you stand on a Yay Scale, it doesn’t tell you how much you weigh–instead, it tells you how awesome, fly, beautiful, brilliant, creative, fantastic, and wonderful you are. Check out some photos from past Yay Scale actions:

We hope to see you there!

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