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About-Face testimonials – Add yours in the comments section!



Helen Wang >> age 17, Take Action group member

“About-Face stands up for every girl and every woman’s right to feel beautiful just as she is. It’s hard to realize that women aren’t supposed to, and more importantly can’t, fit into a mold carved out by advertisers and the media. I’m one person, but I feel like I’m making a difference when I tell my friends not to beat down on themselves or just quickly remind people that Photoshop…warps women. About-Face teaches girls, the targets, to reason out a defense.
“I love About-Face because its mission statement and work are clear-sighted and completely attainable. About-Face recognizes that advertising is slipping into every niche of life, and it’s there to help girls stand strong against negative media and protect their senses of self-worth.”

Dan Dworkin >> Director of Safety & Technology at The Hamlin School, San Francisco

“About-Face is a terrific organization, and one that I deeply believe in. About-Face works with the idea of self-acceptance and celebration, something that needs to happen more for kids. Too often children look at themselves in terms of what they’re not, and it must be turned around so kids look at themselves as what they are while not comparing it against a standard of ‘media beautiful’. About-Face is a needed voice in the media and message bombardment that impacts youth each day.”

Jada Irvin >> age 16, About-Face intern

“About-Face is important to me because I got to see firsthand the different ways media can affect girls, and my experience taught me a lot. It’s so important for About-Face to continue doing this because I feel like it’s a great way to make sure that women and girls can feel beautiful about themselves without the need to live up to society’s standards.”

Nomi Dekel >> MA, LMFT

“As a psychotherapist who specializes in body image issues, I work with clients who are suffering the fallout from years of being exposed to negative imagery and language about the female body. The work being done by About-Face increases the possibility of women not needing body image support groups later in life. What a day that will be!”

Annice Ormiston >> About-Face workshop leader and doctoral student in clinical psychology

“As a woman and a therapist to women, I see the impact of the media and fashion industries every day in the assault they launch on every woman and girl. I loved the chance to put my passion into action and engage with girls and young women around these issues. Watching our participants start to critically question the messages they receive and dare to embody more self-confidence about themselves and their own bodies was truly inspiring!”

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3 thoughts on “About-Face testimonials – Add yours in the comments section!

  1. It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing body-bashing. It is depressing that women are taught they constantly need to improve physically or that they are only valuable if they’re lusty sex objects. It’s so important to teach young girls how to grow into strong women.

    We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with images that try to shape our idea of reality—and if that “reality” is unhealthy, unattainable, and harmful to women then we need an organization like About-Face that challenges what these images tell us. About-Face is incredibly important for this reason.

  2. About Face is truly inspiring, I now feel that I am beautiful no matter what society trys to say. This website made me really think about todays standard of beauty and that its unattainable. Thank you so much, I want to show this website to everyone 🙂

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