About-Face Take Action Group #2: Covert Dressing Room Action video!

A shot from our new take action video!
A shot from our new take action video!

On August 15, 2009, the About-Face Take Action group members, About-Face volunteers, and their friends posted decals with positive messages on various stores’ fitting room mirrors in the heavily populated Union Square area and downtown shopping area in San Francisco.

They also handed out decals to others who wished to do the same or to keep one for their mirrors at home.

On the same day, our Take Action Group also set up its own “dressing room” at Powell St. and Market St. in downtown San Francisco and invited people to write inspirational messages about body image on the walls. Watch our video and see how it went!:

To learn more about this action, check out this page.

6 thoughts on “About-Face Take Action Group #2: Covert Dressing Room Action video!

  1. This is all good and well. Everybody should feel good about themselves, but some people really do need to lose some weight, not for looks but for health. Its not protecting anybody, if you give them false confidence, or make them feel good about something they dont have. Let them diet, let them work out, its ok, a little suffering will help them in a long run, so you dont have to give them false compliments, help them give them real, thats why im starting up a diet site. Not only for me but for others as well. The Diet site will have an automatic scheduler according to your profile to help you get an idea of what you should be doing to look good and feel good. Gimme some time and ill have it up!

  2. I think the beauty campaign is fantastic! For years I have been teaching college students about the airbrushing of models and the objectification of women. I understand Abed wants people to be healthy; but dieting is not healthy. With proper nutrition and exercise people would be healthy; but until Americans open their eyes and see that women are not objects, boobs are just boobs, and anything beyond being real is bull$hit, we’re not going to get anywhere. Of course, it doesn’t help that most women “comfort” eat when life throws them a curveball and then the media says, “Oh, NO. Get to the gym immediately or you will never be a size 2.” This, personally, causes me to ask my grandmother if she can make me some pierogi. How is it that American society has come to this?

    Furthermore….when is someone going to point out that a certain top lingerie brand air brushes out everything, but when I buy a bra, hey, guess what? You can see my nipples!

  3. I totally agree with Dena.

    I also think that it is counter productive that Abed has promoted their weight loss site twice on (twice that I’ve seen and I’ve only been browsing this site for about half an hour!)

  4. Yeah, I am promoting my site, but really I am building it for free, to help people. I mean, I agree with dena, that women are not sex objects, that is most definitely true, and even if they are in shape, doesnt necessarily mean they are beautiful. And no its not about boobs, but man everywhere i go, people just keep getting fatter. Its amazing. I want to help society out

  5. I understand that you are trying to help people, but I would like to make a few points:

    thin does not equal healthy
    fat does not equal unhealthy
    good self-esteem is important for health

    I think that connecting diet and exercise with suffering is too much. There are many people who actually starve themselves or exercise compulsively to lose weight and look a certain way, and that is very unhealthy. Of course, there are also many people who eat a very poor diet and rarely exercise–but those people come in both underweight and obese sizes–it all boils down to genetics.

    I would try to encourage an active lifestyle and a balanced diet, but also understand that each person’s genetics are so different that there isn’t really one picture of health.

    There is a good PBS documentary that I would recommend, called “FAT: What No One Is Telling You”: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/takeonestep/fat/index.html

  6. I took your point into consideration sabrina. I am talking to a nutritionist, and according to weight, body type, and activity, I am customizing a plan accordingly. You are right, its not about the look, its about being healthy. Thanks!

    Good Documentary btw

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