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A contestant from “The Swan” speaks out

When Lorrie A. appeared on cosmetic-surgery reality show “The Swan” back in 2004, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Now she’s scarred and damaged. Have a look at her (very short) interview on E! News from Sunday:


About-Face took action around “The Swan”‘s airing. The result: We sent in about 500 letters to Fox, the production company, and everyone else involved who we could find. Of course we didn’t hear back from them. We wish we’d been wrong about the show’s effects: More and more women feel they are inadequate enough to take a risk like cosmetic surgery, and the women on the show were harmed — just take Lorrie’s story.

What do you think? Was Lorrie duped by the show, or was she simply making poor choices at rock bottom?

(And by the way, please be compassionate and civil — Lorrie is a real person who may just be reading your comment.)

— J.B.

3 thoughts on “A contestant from “The Swan” speaks out

  1. I don’t necessarily know what to say, but I commend Lorrie for her bravery for speaking out against The Swan. It’s nice to see her being brave enough to go against the show and let the world know what REALLY happened. If I ever have the chance to meet Lorrie in person, I would love to give her a great big bear hug. =0]

  2. This poor young women, she’s mentally ripped apart from her husband dying, and then this show comes in and says they can help her, and they physically rip her apart. This is why I’m never doing plastic sugery.

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