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The Biggest Loser tempts disordered eating

We’ve written about the weight-loss reality television show The Biggest Loser before here on the About-Face blog, whether it’s the scariness of trainer Jillian Michaels or the reports of previous contestants developing eating disorders after the show. Recently, About-Face received an email from a concerned The Biggest Loser watcher in Australia. She was disturbed by… Continue Reading →

Born This Great: Mission accomplished!

After weeks of preparation, the “Born This Great” action came to fruition! [youtube][/youtube] On Saturday at 10 am, the six girls met at the About-Face office, nervous but excited to go out on the streets and make people think about body image and advertising (we missed you, Amy!). After going over the logistics of the… Continue Reading →

Take Action week 3: Two Wolves & an Action

Last Wednesday’s meeting started out with a discussion on body image–a difficult topic for anyone, especially for a group of teenage girls in American society. The discussion was lead by Suzannah Neufeld, a wonderful About-Face workshop leader and therapist who frequently works with young women with eating disorders and body image issues. With guidance from… Continue Reading →

Chick Beer: because those other beers are for dudes.

OK, so we all know that beer marketers have a terrible history with selling their products to women. Mostly this isn’t a huge problem for me because the Big Two brewers who get the most air time (MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch) make terrible beer that I’m totally OK not being sold. You keep your Coors Light, really, I… Continue Reading →

Yay Scales and brainstorms: Take Action week two!

This past week was our second About-Face Take Action meeting. We’re continuing to work towards our goal of having this year’s group of girls speak out against harmful media messages that negatively affect the way people look at themselves. b It was great having another opportunity to get to know the girls. We even had… Continue Reading →

Perpetuate unrealistic ideals with Portrait Professional

Throughout our lives, we are constantly bombarded by false images that seek to compromise our self-esteem in order to make a profit. Imagine if this false image that you, your friends, family, or professional colleagues saw every day was of you? I recently came across software that would allow individuals to do just that. It’s… Continue Reading →