About-Face NYC Launch Party at Public Assembly May 3!

Check it out! About-Face is expanding to NYC, and to launch it right, our About-Face NYC contingent is putting on a fundraiser with tons of DJs and bands. Come one, come all! Details below:   Next Tues @ Public Assembly! About-Face NYC Launch Party! PARTY MASH-UP featuring: Eternia from Fat Beat Records with BEATBOXER ChesneySnow… Continue Reading →

American Apparel CEO’s endless douchebaggery gets him sued (again)

For those of you gleefully following the downfall of Dov Charney, add another lawsuitto his troubles. Your stretch floral lace unitards can’t save you now, Charney (yes, these are actual items for sale on the American Apparel web site. Are you surprised?). Irene Morales, Alyssa Ferguson, and Tessa Lubans-Dehaven are suing the American Apparel CEO,… Continue Reading →

“Glee” reminds us we’re on the right track

I’m not what you would call a “Gleek.”   In fact, not at all. Sure, I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Glee, but am not by any means a regular viewer. But Tuesday night’s episode certainly made me want to watch it more. A lot more. In the episode, titled “Born This Way” (named… Continue Reading →

Young Australian artist won’t be sold insecurity

West doesn’t buy into the ubiquitous images advertisers use to sell a female standard of beauty. Talk about attention-grabbing. While walking to work in Sydney, Australia, I came across a bus stop advertisement for swimwear that had been plastered with a sticker. “Let’s pretend it’s an ad for swimwear!” the sticker declared, with the small… Continue Reading →

Do you shop at T.J. Maxx so you “get to eat”?

Fashion over food? Even you, T.J. Maxx? There are a lot of things going on with this ad (apologies for the video quality;  this is the only online proof I can find of this nonsense) that on one hand seem harmless, and on the other are horrifying. T.J. Maxx is a discount department store, which… Continue Reading →

Nicole Richie denies pregnancy rumors, calls out irresponsible reporters

Never thought you’d agree with Nicole Richie, did you? The mother of two, daughter of Lionel (“Hello?”), ex-reality star, Paris Hilton frenemy, and arguable former hot mess released a statement regarding all the recent reports focused on her supposed “baby bump“: “Contrary to recent speculation, I am not pregnant. This irresponsible reporting continues to feed… Continue Reading →

Girlguiding UK puts body image research into action

Finally, an organization has come up with a resource that has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of girls and women.   Girlguiding UK has launched a new tool in response to some of their recent research into girls’ body image. Give Yourself a Chance is an interactive online resource designed… Continue Reading →

Vancouver Whitecaps sexualize soccer with painted nude model

What’s sex got to do with soccer? Even a Vancouverite like me who isn’t into soccer didn’t miss the recent viral advertising campaign publicizing the Vancouver Whitecaps, Canada’s newest Major League Soccer team. It started with a “Find the Billboard” contest, which challenged fans to be the first to Tweet or text the location of… Continue Reading →