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The New York Lottery promises good things(?)

So the New York Lottery has a new ad campaign for their instant win scratch-off tickets called “Good things can happen in an instant.” Good things….like nude ladies, apparently! So, nude conventionally attractive white ladies are things.  Good things.  But still things. Got it. What’s more, they can now happen instantly, which is a major… Continue Reading →

Dov Charney, American Apparel face sexual harassment lawsuits

Warning: This post may be triggering for those sensitive to issues surrounding sexual assault. Why am I still writing about Dov Charney? In the past three weeks, five former employees have filed two sexual harassment lawsuits against Dov, the founder of American Apparel. The young women accuse him of engaging in a variety of inappropriate… Continue Reading →

“Say No To Fat Talk”: a worthy message or a double standard?

“I shouldn’t have eaten that burger. I can feel it already on my stomach.” “She looks great in those jeans. Why can’t I be as thin as her?” “I’d be happier if I could only be skinnier.” Sound familiar? Last week, Australia’s Cosmopolitan Magazine joined forces with the Butterfly Foundation (a charity dedicated to issues… Continue Reading →

These are not troll dolls

First they took Strawberry Shortcake away from me, and now this. I would really appreciate it if corporate America would stop revamping and sexing up my childhood memories. Troll dolls are supposed to be ugly, pudgy, wild-haired, naked fairytale characters that give you good luck when you rub their jewels, or (if you have the originals… Continue Reading →

Foolish Games: Breaking My Heart

“Power,” “glory,” and “women” are all objects to seize in R2Games’ “Ceasary.” I mean a woman gamer, of course. I grew up playing video games. Zelda for the SNES is one of my happiest childhood memories. I always have my eye open for new ways to while away my downtime. But what was this I… Continue Reading →

Megan Fox is “frustrated” by her body. Emporio Armani is not.

You’re supposed to be looking at her underwear. Granted, you may have been momentarily distracted. The pronounced hunch, the countable vertebrae, the concave abdomen — there’s a lot going on. But if you ask Emporio Armani, Megan Fox is just doing a really great job of modeling their underwear. Ask her trainer, Harley Pasternak, and… Continue Reading →

Victoria’s Secret uses Adriana Lima’s ribs and hip bones to sell perfume

Don’t worry ladies, Victoria’s Secret values more than big breasts. They also really revere protruding bones and concave abdomens. Seriously, what is this? Delighted to receive some V.S. coupons in the mail (yes, I’m an “Angel V.I.P.” credit card carrier), my glee quickly turned to shock as I was assaulted by Adriana Lima’s prominent ribcage. Whether this is a… Continue Reading →