Whip your hair to this awesome “Sesame Street” video

Okay, I’m a bit late to the game, but I just couldn’t let this Sesame Street treat slide. You may have already seen the awesome video below, starring a brown Muppet who really, really loves her hair. Whether it’s twisted, braided, cornrowed, in an afro, up, down, etc., this little girl seriously loves what she’s… Continue Reading →

SPARK starts a movement but Snooki steals the media spotlight

Once you go Gloria, you never go back. Steinem, that is. I’ve always been aware that our culture seriously and routinely shortchanges females, but heading back to San Francisco from the first annual SPARK Summit (Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge) in New York City drove the point home like never before. Just the previous night,… Continue Reading →

“Glee” stars get very adult on the cover of GQ

Great going, Glee. Though Britney Spears made it clear long ago that schoolgirl fetishism is alive and well, I expected more from the stars of Fox’s beloved musical dramedy. In case you haven’t heard (or rather, seen), Glee‘s Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith posed provocatively for the issue of GQ on stands now,… Continue Reading →

“Real Simple” Is Really Not

Confession: I buy Real Simple Magazine on a regular basis. It targets middle-aged women with children, and its tagline is “Life Made Easier.” An easy life can apparently be achieved by learning how to put together 5 outfits from 7 pieces of clothing, how to streamline your morning routine with 12 beauty tips, how to… Continue Reading →

Hardy Girls Healthy Women joins in on About-Face activism

“It’s a covert operation! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!” We absolutely heart this video of the Hardy Girls Healthy Women advisory board taking some covert dressing room action. In preparation for the upcoming SPARK Summit, Maya Brown, Mackenzie Riley, and Ali Jean Reynolds paid a trip to their local JC Penney and put our dressing room… Continue Reading →

Teri Hatcher shows Oprah what aging looks like, sans Botox

Teri Hatcher can move her forehead, and that’s awesome. Not only does her un-Botoxed face effectively express a range of emotions, but the actress is also the proud owner of some pretty prominent under-eye circles too. She snaps pictures of herself, sans makeup, sporting a giant grin, to post on Facebook. Before professional stylists get… Continue Reading →