Charlotte, NC: Home of manly men who eat bacon cupcakes

Looking for somewhere to vacation this summer? How about Charlotte, North Carolina, recently named “America’s Manliest City”? I’m sure it’s a lovely place, but the title drives me crazy. The Manliest City Competition, created by snack company Combos, is a great example of how our society uses labels like “manliness” and “girliness” to define acceptable… Continue Reading →

Why I have decided that high heels are evil

Check out this great article by Lisa Hix on the Collectors Weekly web site, Our Bodies, Our Stilettos. Did you know that “initially, high-heeled shoes helped keep women, who were seen as irrational and frivolous, powerless”? Thank you for this wonderful historical context. Personally, I can’t deal with high heels, let alone stilettos, because 1…. Continue Reading →

We love (this interview with) Margaret Cho!

“I didn’t mean to be a role model,” says Margaret Cho. “I just speak my truth.” Well Margaret’s truth is blunt, brazen, and hilarious, and anyone who’s seen the comedian in action can attest to her role-model-worthiness. From her humble beginnings in San Francisco to her current mega-success with the TV show “Drop Dead Diva”… Continue Reading →

Pamela Anderson displays her parts for PETA

Was PETA neglected as a child? Was it deprived of attention as a young, burgeoning organization? Why else would poor PETA feel the need to keep crying out for help by flaunting its half-naked celebrity supporters in compromising, often-sexist positions? To save the animals? Nah… Once again, the ever-demure, painfully shy Pamela Anderson is causing… Continue Reading →

PinkStinks: A healthy revolution

Majora Carter. Janine Benyus. Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Ever heard of them? Probably not. But besides embodying change and breaking down gender barriers, these women all have one thing in common: they’ve been featured as role models by PinkStinks, a British organization that provides young girls with alternatives to media messages. By promoting real role models, Ema… Continue Reading →

Joan Rivers: the face of feminism?

  She’s nipped, tucked, Botoxed, and damn proud of it. So maybe Joan Rivers is a less-than-likely representative of female empowerment, but the woman has certainly made her mark. The new documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work examines a year in the life of the legendary comic, and I certainly got more than I… Continue Reading →

Australian government encourages media to be “body image friendly”

Leave it to the Aussies to come up with another awesome global contribution (you can also thank them for Kylie Minogue and Vegemite). The Australian government recently partnered with The Butterfly Foundation, an eating disorders awareness and prevention group, to create a body image initiative. Magazines, designers, retailers and modeling agencies will be encouraged to… Continue Reading →

Fun for the Whole (Skinny, Female) Family

An important lesson in inequality, brought to us by…a video game? I had never really played console games before my roommate brought home a Nintendo Wii and the game Just Dance. In the blink of an eye, I could transform from a nerdy civil servant into Blondie, a Beach Boy, or even MC Hammer. Evenings… Continue Reading →