“The Price of Beauty” needs a makeover

The concept of Jessica’s Simpson reality show “The Price of Beauty” has great potential: an A-list celebrity—famous for being overly-scrutinized in the judgmental tabloids—travels the world, learns about what’s beautiful in other cultures and the lengths people go to attain this so-called beauty, and shares those findings with American girls who need some self-esteem boosting…. Continue Reading →

Facing the scale, fighting the past.

An earlier version of this post appears at the author’s personal blog. There is a scale in my bathroom. It is not my scale, but it is in my space. Every time I take a shower, I drop my clothes next to it and look at it and feel it look at me. Like it’s… Continue Reading →

Policing gender…on ice!

Here in my hometown of Vancouver the main part of the Olympic Games might be over, but people are still talking about it. During the Games I was fortunate enough to attend three figure skating practice sessions. I’m a huge figure skating fan, but getting to follow its biggest event so closely made me think… Continue Reading →

Compliments, curves, and the ownership of female bodies

Over at Teen Vogue, advice columnist Rachel Simmons fields a question from a 17-year-old boy who was summarily shut down by his love interest after he complimented her on her “hourglass figure”: I commented that she had a “really nice, hourglass figure”. I thought she would take it as a compliment but instead she became… Continue Reading →

Vancouver 2010: Why do I see women Olympians in their swimsuits?

I cringe every year when Sports Illustrated releases its swimsuit edition—it’s page after page of half-naked women in a sports magazine that rarely features females otherwise. So, in early February, when this perennial athletic publication decided to include women winter Olympians in this particular edition, there was no lack of sexism. The women athletes, like… Continue Reading →