About-Face Updates!

Hey y’all! We here at About-Face have some exciting news! First of all, we’ve fixed our comments! If you tried to comment on recent entries and found yourself being asked to log in or register, don’t worry, we’ve gotten rid of that ridiculous rule. If there’s anything you wanted to say but couldn’t, now’s the… Continue Reading →

Jillian Michaels sued thrice, proves again that diet pills don’t work

Jillian Michaels, the in-your-face trainer from NBC’s extreme weight-loss competition “The Biggest Loser,” is facing not one, not two, but three lawsuits over the “Maximum Strength Calorie Control” diet supplement she endorses. Three separate women have filed lawsuits claiming that the pills are ineffective and potentially dangerous. That the pills don’t work is no surprise—have… Continue Reading →

What we learn from games for girls

The media pays a lot of attention to violence in kids’ video games. But when we’re looking at messages in games, I’m also concerned about the troubling signals in games designed for tween girls. In an article in WIRED magazine, Tracey John asks whether games that encourage girls to be pretty and liked above all… Continue Reading →

Kate Harding on Kevin Smith

As you’ve probably heard, actor/director/writer/producer/fat guy Kevin Smith was recently booted off of a Southwest flight for being too fat to fly. The internet has been ablaze with commentary on both sides, but Kate Harding’s input over at Salon’s Broadsheet blog does a fantastic job of pointing out the problems with sizeist airline seating policies:… Continue Reading →

Dear Sci-Fi, where did the Ellen Ripleys go?

I recently saw Alien at a local cinema. I hadn’t seen it since I was a little girl (and I’m not sure why my parents let me watch Alien when I was a little girl). Anyway, I had forgotten about Ellen Ripley. Ellen Ripley seems impossible: a female lead in a sci-fi film with a… Continue Reading →

Stop turning girlhood into a product!

What does an ideal girl look like? Is she blonde, with a perfect figure and a Chihuahua in her purse? Or is she the brunette with the looks of Megan Fox? Is her favorite physical activity shopping? Media outlets are busy promoting such stereotypes about girlhood. The logic is simple: when girlhood is mainly about… Continue Reading →

who needs books? (or: books are for sissies)

Bud Light commercial: some women are sitting around in a living room having a book club meeting. A man, presumably a husband or boyfriend, enters with beer. He sits down, starts handing out beer, and dominates the conversation, cutting off his presumed girlfriend/wife and telling one of the other participants that “I’d love to hear… Continue Reading →

Who needed that wife anyway?

At first, I thought this Bridgestone ad was insinuating that the people inside were having some sort of altercation when the woman emerged from the car, breathless and frightened. Then I realized that she was forced out of the car, handed over like a piece of property or a ransom. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNUWOu5BBX4[/youtube] I’ll back up. A… Continue Reading →