Whole Foods Market to employees: No Fatties!

  The graduated discount level says one thing: thinner is better. It leaves no room for people with higher BMIs to be viewed as fully functional, and reinforces the very much untrue cultural notion that fat automatically equals unhealthy. It creates a hierarchy based nearly entirely on BMI—the lower your BMI, the higher your discount…. Continue Reading →

“Your baby is actually not beautiful, sorry.”

Are you tired of your baby girl’s androgyny? Can’t wait for gender roles to really take a hold on your child and tell her what’s what? Well don’t worry, now you can do more than dress her in pink and hope for the best! With Baby Bangs, the hairpiece for baby girls, you can get… Continue Reading →

Gender violence: A look at female comic book characters

A previous version of this blog was posted on AAUW Dialog. The other morning I was chatting with Alli, my friend and colleague at the American Association of University Women (AAUW), about a recent posting she read on Feministing about female comic book and graphic novel characters. The post mentioned that while some argue that… Continue Reading →

Why are Beer Commercials Still Ignoring Women?

I drink beer. I’m a woman. According to the Beer Institute, I’m not alone: women make up 25 percent of the beer market. Hmmm. Strange. Because most beer commercials I’ve seen recently either a) don’t include any women at all; or b) depict women solely as Barbie cheerleader types who serve men beverages.

Nude and Un-Photoshopped: Still Not the Answer.

A previous version of this blog was originally posted at tallanna.com. In 2009, a light bulb turned on. (I sure hope it was a CFL.) Someone in mainstream media — new or old, internationally or nationally — an editor, an assistant, maybe it was a PR rep, realized that “Oh hey! Not everyone is a… Continue Reading →