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Kotex feminine hygiene ads go exclusive and glamorous

On a normal walk down the street in a city like Sydney, anyone would expect to see bus stop advertising featuring titillating images of women. So when I recently noticed some posters of naked women in sensuous poses, I barely even bothered to see what they were for. But I did stop and look, and… Continue Reading →

Representations of women are not so Glee-ful

There’s no doubt that Glee is one of the most popular television shows in recent memory. The style is flashy and engaging, and the musical performances are fun. Glee’s humor is mostly based on playing with exaggerated stereotypes—often to great effect. But the women in Glee, without exception, are presented poorly. They either are portrayed… Continue Reading →

“Slip of the Tongue”: Questioning ethnic make-up

I stumbled across the Media That Matters Film Festival web site while randomly searching for documentaries online. After browsing through the taglines of numerous films on the site, one description immediately intrigued me: “What’s your ethnic make-up?” A young man makes a pass at a beautiful stranger and gets an eye-opening schooling on race and… Continue Reading →

Bits and pieces: The demeaning new ads from Reebok

What’s the first thing a woman wants you to notice when you meet her? Is it her smile, her eyes, or perhaps her sparkling wit or charm? Not according to Reebok–at least judging from their latest ads. It’s no coincidence that in most of these ads, the woman herself is never seen except in bits… Continue Reading →