The Twilight series: A New Moon with old trends

I wouldn’t describe my feelings for the Twilight saga as “love” or even “like,” but more along the lines of “obsessed.” When I read the four books in the Twilight series, along with millions of teenage girls, I was engrossed in a world where one could go to school with vampires and be best friends… Continue Reading →


Sunday was our bake sale and cupcake contest at Dolores Park. We had a variety of tasty treats to share, along with 18 different cupcake flavors! Judges for the cupcake contest sampled each flavor and voted for their top five favorites. Want to know whose cupcakes took the cake? Here are the results:

Women-only baby showers: Empowering or stereotypical?

I’m really excited to be attending my cousin’s baby shower this month, but I thought it was incredibly odd when my aunt told me that men don’t come; showers are for women only. How “normal” is it to have women-only baby showers? According to popular media, it’s the way baby showers are done. No men…. Continue Reading →

About-Face Take Action Group #2: Covert Dressing Room Action video!

On August 15, 2009, the About-Face Take Action group members, About-Face volunteers, and their friends posted decals with positive messages on various stores’ fitting room mirrors in the heavily populated Union Square area and downtown shopping area in San Francisco.