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Tween Dora inspires girls to explore…the mall

Dora the Explorer’s new “tween” look has caused quite a stir. The new Dora seems to be telling little girls that looks are, in fact, very important. She is also suggesting that girls should be more interested in styling their hair than in having adventures. Luckily, the original, adventurous young Dora will live on in… Continue Reading →

Glamour shows a glimpse of diversity amidst a sea of monotony

Glamour’s move to illustrate a feel-good body story with a 3-by-3-inch nude image of 20-year-old Lizzi Miller has received a lot of attention — mainly praise. Miller is a “plus-size” (in the language of the skin-and-bones fashion industry) model, but her body is more representative of the average female reader. Some suggest that this image… Continue Reading →

The fear of Jennifer’s (sexual) Body

While our culture is being inundated with stories about romantic, supernatural males, such as vampires sweeping everyday ladies off their feet, we get a story about a supernatural girl literally eating horny high school boys. Jennifer’s Body is a thinly veiled retelling of the age-old story based on fear of women’s sexuality. What could be… Continue Reading →

False images: Kelly Clarkson and Twiggy get modified

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of airbrushed images. Kelly Clarkson’s obviously tweaked and airbrushed body on the August cover of Self sparked controversy and even provoked Self editor Lucy Danziger to speak openly about the magazine’s airbushing techniques. Danziger, who admitted to digitally shaving off her own unwanted weight in… Continue Reading →

A violent culture begets a violent crime

In recent news, a former VH1 reality TV star, Ryan Jenkins, killed his model girlfriend, Jasmine Fiore, cut her up in pieces, and stuffed her in a suitcase. It’s pretty disturbing to imagine that something as horrific as cutting up a body and packing it into a suitcase could actually happen. What is even more… Continue Reading →

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