Why Do We Care Who Wore It Best?

One of the most vivid memories I have from high school was when I was shopping for prom dresses with a good friend. What started as a bonding experience quickly turned into something much more isolating. We had completely different bodies. She was tall, thin, and had no hips, and I was shorter with decent-sized… Continue Reading →

Calvin Klein, this is NOT better.

As Nikki reported yesterday, Calvin Klein had posted a “sex orgy” ad in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. Was I irked? Yes, of course, but I wasn’t as concerned by the sexual content as I was by the sexualization (the using of sexual objects) of ALL of the models, not just the woman. So when they… Continue Reading →

Calvin Klein’s Shock and Awe Campaign

Calvin Klein has built a fortune on controversy. From the suggestive 1980s commercial where a then-14-year-old Brooke Shields seductively looked into the camera and admitted to going commando, to the Secret Obsession fragrance ad depicting a naked, nipple-baring Eva Mendes (the ad was later banned from TV), Calvin Klein has always branded his product with… Continue Reading →

Young, Fat, and Fabulous… or maybe not?

Take a look at this segment that aired on Good Morning America on June 15th. The piece is called “Young, Fat, and Fabulous,” and it seems to advocate for women to have a healthy self-image at any size, but the message may not be so clear… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjdupnNZrYI[/youtube] Did you notice the uneven general tone of… Continue Reading →

Latisse: A Medical Prescription to “Cure” Short Eyelashes

While I was watching reruns of a family-friendly sitcom the other afternoon, a commercial came on advertising longer and fuller eyelashes. Usually commercials with promises of pumping up eyelash volume are reserved for mascara. This commercial, however, was for the prescription medicine, Latisse. The commercial informs the viewer that one must consult a doctor before… Continue Reading →

Women in Advertising: Then and Now

For the past few weeks, I’ve seen this link for the 15 Sexist Vintage Ads floating around cyberspace, shared among Facebook friends and highlighted on humor and culture blogs. It takes you to a web site that showcases 15 “sexist” ads from the early and mid-twentieth century. With overtly sexist tag lines like “The harder… Continue Reading →

What does Dell think women look for in a computer?

The computer company Dell has recently come under fire for a new ad campaign aimed at women and has taken interesting actions in response. The controversial campaign, called Della, is mostly an advertising push for a range of computers that have fancy graphic designs on their lids.

Nike Promotes Healthy Competition: Men vs. Women

I have always been a fan of Nike commercials. There is something behind their unisex “just do it” slogan that is energizing and empowering. Curious to what Nike has been up to lately, I decided to Google their commercials. I came across this: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_W1sP344NM[/youtube] I was skeptical at first. Is it going to be sexist?… Continue Reading →