Candy Apple Books Miss the Mark

The Candy Apple children’s book series has titles like How to be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days, Miss Popularity, and The Boy Next Door. In combination with these titles, the books’ hot pink covers and cutesy cartoon images draw in young readers. Candy Apple books are developed on the theory that clothes, makeup,… Continue Reading →

Macho = Misogynist in Carl’s Jr. Ad

Yet another awful Carl’s Jr ad: [youtube][/youtube] OK. Here’s what I learned from this advertisement: 1. Men like buffalo wings. 2. Men want to be cool and macho. 3. Eating Buffalo wings, ogling waitresses, and disrespecting your girlfriend are all a part of being cool and macho. Wait. What?

Love Your Body NOW

The National Organization for Women (NOW), is running the Love Your Body campaign. Each year, NOW hosts a poster contest that promotes healthy body image and “the grand-prize-winning poster will be used as part of a national campaign to challenge the media’s use of violent, drug-addicted, starved, surgically enhanced images of women and to fight… Continue Reading →

Liz Lemon, You Can Have It All!

I’m up for a pretty prestigious honor at my university, where I will be graduating in a few short weeks (gulp!). When I told a friend this news, he was pleased and happy for me. Then, curious, he started asking how I managed to do so well at college. So I answered a few questions,… Continue Reading →

Susan Boyle’s Got Confidence

These days it often seems like it is a requirement to be good looking to be a good singer. Simon Cowell is known for his harsh words for singing contestants regarding, not just their singing, but their looks too. All of this changed when Susan Boyle came onto Britain’s Got Talent (the UK version of… Continue Reading →

Beat the Beauty Blues

While I often feel “above” the media’s messages, the truth is that I’m only human. And while knowledge is power, this power doesn’t always grant me immunity to the media’s toxicity. One of my many personal vices is my unwavering devotion to W magazine, which I’ve read since I was the all-too-young age of twelve…. Continue Reading →

Hooray for Scarlett Johansson

I am so happy that Scarlett Johansson decided to take action against the media’s obsession with unhealthy, ultra skinny bodies! Scarlett Johansson just wrote a fantastic article called “The Skinny” for The Huffington Post. Her article responds to media coverage that claims she is on a crash diet to lose 14 pounds for her upcoming… Continue Reading →

A Brave Step for Mainstream Rap: Webbie’s “Independent”

If you have seen popular music videos recently, you know that women are often wearing little clothing and dancing provocatively around men. The lyrics to these songs can be just as oversexualized, if not more so. Although there is no shortage of music featuring women in these second-class roles, there is a brave new popular… Continue Reading →

Allow Elizabeth Arden to Point Out Your Flaws

It’s not enough that in advertising most photos are endlessly retouched, often beyond recognition. But to have the chutzpah to use a mannequin in place of a real woman as part of the ad is ridiculous and insulting! Well, that’s Prevage, the new product from Elizabeth Arden The obvious dividing lines around the major limbs… Continue Reading →