The Benefit of Laughter

I wore a beautiful smile all afternoon on Friday thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, and I didn’t even get a makeover! I was swiftly walking down Fillmore Street in San Francisco in search of food when I noticed a storefront window that read, “Laughter is the best cosmetic… so grin and wear it.”

“… so we went ahead and pieced together a new girl.”

Jesse Epstein, the filmmaker who made the terrific short documentary “Wet Dreams and False Images,” is back with a video op-ed on the In it, she asks whether American magazine editors should be required by law to disclose how much they have retouched images in their magazines. Well, should they?

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

This year Barbie is having her 50th birthday, and while Mattel is rolling in profits, praise, and some continued criticism, I plan on remembering my own Barbie the last time I saw her-drowning in a pool when I was 10.

Now Selling at Macy’s…Anorexia

I recently found myself disembarking the Macy’s escalator and walking into the world of hip young adults. Once my ears adjusted to the blaring music of Miley Cyrus, my eyes had time to focus on the image standing right before me. Here it is. Four anorexic-looking mannequins, all in “skinny” jeans, and in between them… Continue Reading →

Our Take Action group rocked!

You gotta love young women who stand up for what they believe in. Here’s About-Face’s latest fun action. [youtube][/youtube] Read more about our Take Action group here. -J.B.