The Things We Must Endure

Since a fairly young age, I’ve traveled all over San Francisco by myself. And I’ve been lucky enough to be aware of what I should expect from being a girl who consistently uses public transportation. Not everyone will treat you respectfully, and when you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation, the first thing to do is… Continue Reading →

Much Ado(ration) About Emma

I was Google-chatting with my good friend Rebecca the other day and we were rambling on about the Oscars. You know — our favorite dresses, favorite speeches, and so on. Out of the blue, she asks “Did you hear about Emma Thompson?” Apparently, Emma Thompson laid it down to the producers of her new movie… Continue Reading →

Do It, Dove!

Once again Dove has spoken to the hearts of About-Facers. Their latest “Onslaught” commercial tells parents to “talk to [their] daughters before the beauty industry does” after showing clip after clip of advertisements, commercials, etc. parodying messages given to girls and women every day (or more acuratly, every minute) by the beauty industry. [youtube][/youtube]

Oh copyranter, I am tickled.

Bon mots abound in copyranter, a blog from an ad copywriter from NYC: “Jugs missing Caps. Puppies missing Noses. Pillows missing Buttons. Boulders missing Crevices. Ad apparently from Mexico for Mia “seamless” lingerie. Is it a good ad? No. Why am I posting it? DUH — it’s sleazy, and I’ve got a reputation to uphold…. Continue Reading →

Yay Scales scale back on body hatred

It’s the same price as a commercial scale, but this little beauty comes without the added price of low self-esteem. Now presenting Marilyn Wann’s handmade Yay! Scales, which replace numbers with affirmations such as “You’re hot!” and “You’re perfect!” It comes in four great styles, including the Fat Scott Fitzgerald and the Plush Size. The… Continue Reading →