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Lo-Rider gives us the “Skinny”

I came across this music video a little while ago, courtesy of my trusty sidekick, YouTube. Here’s the censored version, but it is still naughty and potentially NSFW (not safe for work): [youtube][/youtube] What do you guys think about this song and its video?

Popularity = Happiness?

Is it any surprise that girls who feel unpopular put on more weight over a two-year period than girls who see themselves as being higher on the popularity ladder? And what is healthier: being heavier and unpopular, or being popular and thinner? In a study recently publicized through the Associated Press via the San Francisco… Continue Reading →

How to Look Good Naked — For Real

When was the last time you sat on the couch, squealing in delight because you were so impressed with the programming? I know. Us neither. We’re not even all that into TV. That’s why we’re so excited about “How to Look Good Naked,” a new Lifetime reality series.