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Liposuction Sucks!

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published an article about the growing number of “mommies” turning to cosmetic surgery to get rid of unwanted fat, cellulite, and saggy breasts. I have so many comments, I don’t even know where to begin–but they all revolve around this narrow standard of beauty women feel pressured to live up… Continue Reading →

Disease as Spectacle

We came across a posting on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Daily Dish a few weeks ago, on Allegra Versace’s battle with anorexia. Here are some excerpts from the post: Fashion queen Donatella Versace‘s daughter Allegra is under medical care, battling a serious eating disorder. Donatella, 52, has expressed her heartache and has admitted Allegra was… Continue Reading →

New Gallery of Offenders!

Just wanted to let you know that our brand-new, rockin’ Gallery of Offenders has been posted! Can you help by submitting #10? (We’ll be opening a special area for comments soon!) — J.B.