When a popular British tabloid published a story on Kate Winslet’s secret plans to see a diet doctor, the actress not only got furious and made a public statement, but she’s also suing Grazia Magazine! Way to take action! Kate said: “I will continue to say what I feel about this issue of women being… Continue Reading →

Dove Does It Again with Pro-Age Ads

Oh Dove, how you woo us. In the latest series of ads meant to motivate women to buy products based on positive feelings about themselves, Dove has created a truly sassy commercial for Pro-Age, a line of products for women over 50 years old. Here I’ve posted some still images of the commercial, which you… Continue Reading →

Lady with Babe

One of my best friends, Alison, is expecting her first child this March. Auntie Alyza sure has a nice ring to it, no? Alison is one of the few women in my life who rarely critiques her body — something many women have trouble with in general. Because many of her loved ones live out… Continue Reading →

Gym Dilemma #1

Picture this: You are out with friends on a Friday night at a bar. There is a drunk woman stumbling and constantly bumping into others. As she orders another drink, the bartender expresses concern over her intoxicated state and thus refuses to give her another drink. He insists on calling her a cab. Meanwhile, the… Continue Reading →

News, News, News…

From government concerns with uber-thin models affecting eating disorder rates amongst women to models defending the fashion industry to the name-calling of an ex-model who’s gained weight… Here’s the news, people. Fashion & Government Many of you may have heard of Spain’s ban on excessively skinny models last year. Recently, Spain’s Health Ministry has been… Continue Reading →