America Rules!

In case you missed America Ferrera’s speech at the Golden Globes: “Thank you to the foreign press for recognizing this show and this character who is truly bringing a new face to television… and such a beautiful, beautiful message about beauty that lies deeper than what we can see. It’s such an honor to play… Continue Reading →


I have a soft, round, and extremely cute belly and believe it or not, I’ve had many people (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) ask if I was pregnant. Look! Just because my stomach sticks out, doesn’t mean I am pregnant! It’s not easy embracing The Belly in an anti-belly world! And let’s face it, the media… Continue Reading →

Shocker: Lingerie models who look like real women

Let me just tell you about this amazing lingerie catalog I just got in the mail. No it’s not Victoria’s Secret — I’d sooner toss my cookies than look at Victoria’s Secret catalog (or store) ever again. I actually found a lingerie catalog that makes me feel like I might actually look good in the… Continue Reading →

Red Carpet Wonders?

Some of you may have seen the Golden Globes the other night. I have to say, I missed it. However, I was excited to see the glamour of the illustrious red carpet! Though most of the gowns worn at last night’s fashion ahem…awards ceremony were not particularly amazing, I did wonder how stars managed to… Continue Reading →

The Commute

I live 1.7 miles from my office. My commute consists of various combinations of public transportation (depending on the weather, the type of shoes I’m wearing, and the number of times I hit the snooze button) and despite the many frustrations of the San Francisco MUNI system, often the most aggravating part of my commute… Continue Reading →

Whew, what a year!

In 2006, we About-Facers saw an amazing array of news stories that really got us thinking. Or angry. Or inspired. Or all three. At About-Face, we’ve always just traded e-mails about newspaper, web site, or magazine stories that get us going within our little circle, and after some yelling at our computer screens we talk… Continue Reading →

Skin & Bones: Not So Haute Anymore?

You may have heard about Spain’s controversial ban on excessively skinny models. We’ve attached a few links to articles about the ban as well as reactions from the fashion industry. ABC News: New Message to Models: Eat! A Model’s Recent Death and a Ban on Skinny Models from Madrid’s Runway Has the Fashion World Spinning… Continue Reading →