According to news reports, CosmoGirl is officially being taken off the newsstands beginning January 2009! I don’t know about you, but I never really understood the difference between CosmoGirl, ElleGirl, Teen Vogue, Teen People, and Seventeen. Some may be more fashion-focused than others, but in the end, don’t they all share the same mindless content?? “How to make him want you” “What to wear to prom” “How to lose your muffin top,” followed by the ever-so-contradictory “Be proud of those curves.” How about the publishers of these magazines save their time and oh-so-creative brainstorming sessions and compile all the contents into one magazine and call it VoguElleTeen (sounds like Ovaltine!)?

Then, they should take the money they saved and invest in creating a magazine that pertains to the other 99% of teenage girls out there. You know, like discussing issues around how to choose a great college program, volunteering abroad, and saving up to travel instead of buying a whole new wardrobe again! Embracing your individual style, teaching your best friend how to avoid negative media messages, etc. The tone would specifically be about empowering the readers and in no way would she see questions like “What does he think?” Because in all reality, her potential goes beyond how she should appear, act, and think for others, so why bother covering that in a magazine that is solely for her?

We want to hear your ideas, and if you are a teenager, tell us what you want to see covered in teen magazines. Please enter in the comment box below.